Branden W. Joseph is Frank Gallipoli Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art at Columbia University.  A founding editor of the academic journal Grey Room, his area of specialization is North American and European art after the Second World War, with a particular focus on those individuals and practices that cross medium and disciplinary boundaries between art, music, and film. He is the author of Random Order: Robert Rauschenberg and the Neo-Avant-Garde (2003), Anthony McCall: The Solid Light Films and Related Works (2005), Beyond the Dream Syndicate: Tony Conrad and the Arts after Cage (2008), The Roh and the Cooked: Tony Conrad and Beverly Grant in Europe (2012), and Experimentations: John Cage in Music, Art, and Architecture (2016), as well as the editor of two volumes of writings: Kim Gordon, Is It My Body? (2014) and Carolee Schneemann, Uncollected Texts (2018).